Mugger asks for cash, 'victim' pays with lead

The mugger in the blue shirt made the worst mistake of his life when he pulled a gun on an off-duty cop.

#3 Mugger Kept His Best Foot Forward, But..

#3 Mugger Kept His Best Foot Forward, But..

While a bunch of people were waiting in a queue at an ATM in America, a guy in a blue shirt walks in,, pulls out his gun and tries to loot this man with cap at the gunpoint. But least did this mugger knew was about to happen to him..

#2 The Guy Gave Away His All To Get A Grip.

#2 The Guy Gave Away His All To Get A Grip.

Not to worsen the situation, the guy gave all his belongings and valuables to this bully and while he got busy collecting stuff, the guy, who was an off-duty cop, goes behind a woman and then turns to the mugger and repays him for his deed.

Watch the video ahead..

#1 And A Smart Move

The cop took out his gun infused 4 bullets right through the thug sparing other common people. Not just this, he made sure there wasnt any other culprit hiding away, for the sake of safety.

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