Most Women Do This And The Man Behind Her Knows It. Don't Be Caught Making this Mistake

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#2 The Distractions Around Us

#2 The Distractions Around Us

Most of us want to be safe but we don't know how to be safe. The number of distractions in our lives are huge and we don't know how to cope with all of them simultaneously.

It is important to not get distracted by these distractions. You could be out running for your health, checking your phone or talking with your child and be unaware of what you should really be paying attention to.

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A Hypothetical Situation

A Hypothetical Situation

I think another reason why we get to hear about so many unfortunate scary incidents is because we aren't scared enough to protect ourself. Imagine this situation.

'A woman walks out of a building, focused on her phone. A man gets out of his car when she nears hers, and as she slowly gets ready to leave, he comes up behind her, grabs her, and throws her in his trunk. Although she screams for help, no one can hear her. However, there is still hope.' Now isn't this a scary situation? So what do you do in such a situation?

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A Solution

A Solution

So there are lot of things that you can do to protect yourself from such a situation. Remember that the area near your car is known as a fringe area, since many attacks happen there. Therefore, while leaving a building, you should be looking at your car to make sure nothing is out of place or a possible risk.

Anyone around your car should be considered a good as well as a bad person. This will help you taking a proper judgement call later in an emergency.

There are more such tips ahead, take a look.

#1 A Final Solution

In case the person around your car is looking at you, get in your car quickly and lock the doors. This is the time when your body language comes into picture. It saves you from stuff.

Also, have your keys ready to go before your head to your car, and have your dominant hand free in case you need to use it. Go back to the building and ask for an escort if you feel uncomfortable. Most importantly, always be aware and trust your intuition, your safety is your greatest concern.

Live safe and checkout the video below to see how!

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