Mom's Twins Are 4 Days Overdue. Now Watch What Happens When She Lifts Up Her Shirt

Funniest pregnancy ever !

#3 Overdue Didn't Scared Them, Rather..

#3 Overdue Didn't Scared Them, Rather..

This couple, expecting twin boys, had the delivery time was long delayed and instead of getting panic attacks, rather what the soon-to-be-parents did might put you to think how is she doing this..

# 2 'Let's Get It Started !'

# 2 'Let's Get It Started !'

The couple settled for dancing to get the labour. While the would-be mother groved to the 'Let's get it started by Black Eyed Pea, would-be father remains behid the lens and shoots the mommy moving her body.

This couple is sure to leave you by surprise. They gave an incredibly funny message to their lil ones.. read ahead to find out! Dont forget to watch the amazing incredible dance video ahead!

#1 Message To The Li'l Ones..

As she was grooving with that bump, she gave a tiny message to her kids, saying " Wes and Isaac, you're four days overdue; you brought this on yourself."

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