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This is strictly a must read...

#3 Social realities

#3 Social realities

I think the best a man can do is when he or she is left at the mercy of their inborn abilities. Forcing someone to be something that they are not is never gonna help. Has anyone ever tried to put you in a box, or make you into something that you're not? I think we've all been there before. So what do you do then? What is your reaction?

In such situations, if your decisions and reactions are more or less wrong every single time then this story will inspire you. Though she was born and trained to be a service dog from puppyhood, Ricochet's natural instincts ultimately got in the way. As the golden retriever grew older, her mom Judy realized her beloved pup just wasn't destined for the traditional service dog life. So what was she up to? Check the entire story on upcoming pages ahead..

#2 Ricochet

#2 Ricochet

This dog is amazing. Ricochet was rambunctious, tirelessly adventurous and free-spirited at heart. Service dogs are required to be well-mannered, disciplined and focused. She is one of the finest dogs you'll ever see. Lucky for Ricochet, Judy accepted her.

She supported her just when she should've. She was encouraged to carve out her own path, and wait until you see where Ricochet's true passion lies. In fact, she's been described as a "puppy prodigy" with fans all over the world. Check out the video on the next page to understand the complete story.

#1 The Video

This story has inspired tons of humans all around the world. The video you're about to see went massively viral, with nearly 5 million views. Judy says, "This beautiful story is about what we all want - to be encouraged, to discover who we really are, to be accepted, to find our life purpose, and to be celebrated for being different."

We completely agree to this. This story will surely inspire you as well. Check out the video and share your views with us by commenting below. This is strictly a must watch.

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