Mom, 20, commits suicide by walking in front of a semi-trailer after her baby son mysteriously die at home


#5 Mother Committed Suicide

#5 Mother Committed Suicide

A mother walked in front of a semi-trailer to take her own life after her baby son died mysteriously at home! This incident happened in Ohio. Police authorities found the corpse of the baby at the home. The body of the baby had no visible signs of injury and even the autopsy report did not reveal anything!

#4 The Police Arrived..

#4 The Police Arrived..

When the police arrived at the home, Martin wasn't there, so the police started searching for her. Soon, they got the news of her sad demise in the traffic incident nearby.

The nearby lanes were also closed after this tragic incident happened. Traffic police officers reported that this mom herself walked in front of the semi-trailer!

#3 The Autopsy Report

#3 The Autopsy Report

The police officers sent the body of the baby for autopsy and everyone eagerly waited for the report..

The report shocked everyone...Keep reading to know the contents of the report!

#2 No Reasons Traced

#2 No Reasons Traced

The reports suggested that the baby did not die of any trauma. Next, the police officers waited for the toxicology reports which was also clean!

Furthermore, the X-rays showed there had been no recent or past abuse, nor did Omoyele die from injuries consistent with a fall or from an infection.

Police further investigated the father who revealed something really drastic!

#1 Father's Revelation

#1 Father's     Revelation

He told that his wife and his son were lately involved in an accident where their car crashed. However, he is unsure of how it is related to his son's mysterious death.

What happened is really very sad..

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