Men Reveal Why They Find Older Women Irresistible And Charming

It has been noted as a general trend that men find women older to them quite charming. In fact, they prefer dating them. The reason behind this was a mystery so far but now we have some clarity over this. Here are some reasons for the same.

Emotionally Mature

It is no brainer that older women with more experience of life are emotionally more capable of handling things!

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#WCW Gabrielle Monique Union-Wade!

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They are intellectual conversationalists

Also, you can hold a conversation with them. Wait, they can hold a conversation with you on almost any topic because they are immensely experienced and have great knowledge about a lot of things!

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Bumped into this stranger last night and decided to join her for dinner @elsapatakyconfidential @kisume_au #epicchats #epicfood đŸ‘Œ

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Good At Cooking

Might sound too stereotypical but older women can cook better food than anyone else. Even if they weren't very good with it in their younger days, they grow into a better cook!

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Today is the birthday of Ryan's beautiful wife, Eva Mendes. Ryan took her to the @joffreyballet , spending a beautiful day together. #ryangosling #ryanthomasgosling #evamendes

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Children have left the nest

Children have left the nest

If she's old, chances are high that her kids must have already left her to build their own lives! Less complications you see!

Financially Stable!

Financially Stable!

In a normal situation, most of the older women are financially stable. That's always a plus point!

They have refined tastes

After all, they are older and wiser for a reason!

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Confident And Independent

Older women are much more confident and independent compared to younger ones!

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More Sense About Life!

These women definitely know a thing or two more about life!

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They make you look at things from a different perspective. They make you look at yourself in a better way!

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Happy birthday to my smart, sassy, sexy bride. I love you with my entire heart. #mydebs

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They Know!

They Know!

They have a clarity. They know what they want!

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