Man Catches His Own Murder On Facebook Live

It was certainly the last 'Hello!'

#3 Mode Of Killing Boredom.

#3 Mode Of Killing Boredom.

In this 21st century world, when technology is setting it's level a notch higher day in day out, this guy, Antonio Perkins, from Chicago decides to check out Facebook Live feature. Beginning with a Hi to telling about the water he drinks, but the ending of the recording turned out to the recording of his life's end.

#2 His Day Was Going Fine, But Then..

#2 His Day Was Going Fine, But Then..

It seemed like Antonio was having a fine evening with not much of a work load. In his video he explains the water and which turns out to make his day exciting. But suddenly something happens that breaks the silence and rips off that smile from his face forever.

Go ahead to witness the misery yourself.

#1 Unknowingly, He Captured His Last Moments.

While he was introducing his friends, something weird happened and on spur of moment there was firing and this fella lost his life to the gunshot. Within a fraction of second, the greens were covered with his blood.

Reports says, that Antonio was a gang member but lately, was getting over with that life.

Watch the last video of this man.

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