Look What These Guys Did To This Dog...

I've lost all respect for humans after watching this. This is too disturbing!

#3 The Warning

#3 The Warning

Before you start reading anything here, we wanna warn you beforehand that this is possibly the most disturbing thing you'll ever see. So be prepared for that. Chances are high that you might start hating humans.

So these people in China are humiliating the human race like no ones business. You'll see height of cruelty ahead.

#2 In The Boiling Water

#2 In The Boiling Water

Confronting footage showing a greyhound dog being shoved into a barrel of boiling water and cooked alive has emerged out of China. Well, seems like something Chinese people would do.

The disgracing video was filmed in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province in northern China.

Checkout the video ahead.

#1 The Video

There in fact is a child in the crowd watching all this. According to not-for-profit organisation Fight Dog Meat, over 10 million dogs are slaughtered each year in China's dog meat trade.

'Most of the times the aim is not to kill the dog straight away... sometimes they will be tortured for hours', Michele Brown, the founder of this NGO said.

Checkout the video here.

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