Look What A Simple Misunderstanding Can Lead To. This Is Devastating.

The end of this incident is really devastating. Sad!

#3 Flora And Fauna

#3 Flora And Fauna

A simple interactive session with your parents or grandparents will highlight the difference between our world and the one where they lived young! In this hood of globalization and development, we've considerably destroyed our flora and fauna.

A recent story just adds on to the destruction. Recently, a four year old boy fell into a gorilla's enclosure at a Zoo in Ohio.

#2 The Incident

#2 The Incident

The child later got through the enclosures barrier and into the Gorilla World enclosure before tumbling into water surrounding it. The onlookers were obviously terrified.

This kid's life was in danger. But the giant 17-year-old Gorilla, named Harambe, went into the water to rescue him. The people present during the incident later said that the gorilla picked the boy up and kept him in the enclosure for 10 minutes. What happened next is sad and unfortunate!

#1 The End

The end of this incident marked the end of the 17 year old Gorilla as well. The response team of this zoo thought that the Gorilla might just harm the kid and so they shot him dead!

The little boy was taken to hospital and has not sustained any serious injury. Animal rights activists are of course furious with this entire incident. This just makes me sad! Checkout the video of this entire incident here.

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