Look How World's First Septuplets Look 18 Years Later

They are world's first septuplets. They are 18 now, see how they look...

#3 First Ever Septuplets

#3 First Ever Septuplets

Kids are special. The kind of Joy and happiness they bring in with their birth cannot be compared with anything else. If you have twins, the happiness is double I guess (do not ask for logic behind this statement).

What if you have triplets? Three times the happiness? In case of Septuplets? 7 times the happiness, no? Yes, the world witnessed it's first ever Septuplets on November 19, 1997. You wanna know how do they look now?

#2 Will They Survive?

#2 Will They Survive?

The first ever question after the birth of the septuplets was whether they'll be able to survive? All of them were really ill during the time of their birth.

But luckily, they are the world's first surviving septuplets. Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey made headlines for becoming the parents of seven kids. This is indeed a huge family.

Keep reading ahead to see how pretty this family looks now.

#1 The Video

#1 The Video

Kenny and Bobbi brought the seven bundles of joy into the world. They gave them great upbringing and all of them look outstandingly stunning now. Look at them, all grown up.

Look at this video. See the video of the grown-up 'babies' share their experiences of life and lifestyles: First Set Of Septuplets Turn 18.

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