Look Closely At This Family Photo. It is Going Viral For One Terrifying Reason


#3 Hazy presence in water

#3 Hazy presence in water

This family photo is going viral for all terrifying reason! Well, not everyone of us believe in the chronicles of ghosts and spirits. But, you HAVE to look at this picture to change your views!

The entire truth about it will surely blow your mind!

#2 Recounting what happened a century earlier

#2 Recounting what happened a century earlier

Now, in the present day, Kim Davison and a friend took their children for a fun getaway to Murphy's Hole at Lockyer River. But they noticed something unusual in their picture.

Upon investigating more with that image, they found that 13-year-old Doreen Sullivan drowned in that very location of the river!

But what they experienced is sure to leave you with chills! Read ahead to find out

#1 Leg grabbed

#1 Leg grabbed

Kim's daughter experienced that her leg was grabbed twice by something underwater. Even Kim herself noticed something while she was in the river, but she choosed to ignore it then! But when they found out about Doreen Sullivan, it all made sense!


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