Kidnappers Tries To Steal Baby Boy, But Doesn't See His Big Sister Coming

That was brave of her!

#3 The Kids Were Playing

#3 The Kids Were Playing

It was a bright sunny day when the 8-year-old Delicia along with her sister 10-year-old Brenden, and their 22-month-old baby brother Owen Wright were playing at the park near their babysitter’s home. But soon the unthinkable happened.

Someone snatched their little baby brother and started running through the pavement. While most of us would stand in shock having witnessed the incident, the big sister of Owen did something so brave!

#2 She followed the Kidnapper

#2 She followed the Kidnapper

She ran after the kidnapper and shouted to the top of her voice to save her baby brother. Her loud shout didn't go in vain and was loud enough to grab the passerby's attention.

Two teenage boys joined in on the chase to follow the kidnapper. Want to know what happened next? Read on to find out!

#1 The Act Was Caught On Camera

Finally, the kidnapper was so spooked of the boys chasing him that he left the baby and ran off from the location. But the best part? The baby sister managed to save her little baby from being kidnapped

The entire ordeal was caught on the camera. Indeed, the big sister proved to be the guarding angel for the little boy. The parents are proud as ever. Check out the video here..

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