Jonas Is A 24 Years Old And Has A Smartphone. He Got Killed. See why....

Learn the lesson already!

#3 Dark Humor

#3 Dark Humor

They tried appealing, humoring, scaring and just plain instructing. Nut now that all has failed, the Accident Prevention Bureau of Switzerland has chosen a new tactic-Dark Humor.

You ask how? Read on...

The new commercial strikes a nerve with everyone who watches it. And it strikes quite hard too. The commercial starts with a cheeky narrator. And he has quite a funny story to share.

#2 Or so you think...

#2 Or so you think...

In the beginning at least.

Meet Jonas!

Jonas is a 24-year-old man. Of course he's a fictitious character. And he owns a cellphone. He's just like millions around the world- talking and texting on his smartphone as he walks around.

#1 A guy like you and me...

#1 A guy like you and me...

The guy doesn't look up from his phone often. Ear-phones plugged in. Some could even say he was representing a phenomenon that is seen worldwide. People glued to their smartphones, not aware of anything else around them.

And then he got killed.

Also still representing us. If you look at the scene above, you will see he looks only one way before crossing.....Who to blame? Him? Or the cellphone.

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