It's Official! Running Like Naruto Makes You Faster By 200%!

We can all become Ninjas now!

#3 So guess what just got proved?

Running like Naruto might have seemed silly but you won't believe what just got proved!! Running like naruto, head bent forward, body arched and your hands behind you.....makes you not just 100.....but 200% faster!

So, all you Naruto fans out there! Now you have a legit reason to run like your beloved character.


#2 News all the way from Jamaica!

#2 News all the way from Jamaica!

The folks at Scientists of the Bob Marley University after years and years of study have finally arrived at the conclusion that running like Naruto will increase your average running speed by 200%. So just imagine the possibility! If one were to actually master this style, they would become so much faster! Faster than Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive(is it possible)?! Would all of us become like Usain Bolt if we did it?

But! There's this!

#1 BAN!

This discovery has lead to numerous controversies and discussions all over the world! The Olympic Games HQ has said in not so many words that it will not allow any of the athletes in its competitions to run like Naruto. Even FIFA has announced that it will fine anyone using this technique. But meanwhile, the United States Navy is considering to use this technique in their military trainings.


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