It's Happening! A Child Who Might Be The First Of A New Human Is Living In China.

And what sets him apart from the rest of us is truly unique indeed. Humans are evolving! And this evolution is one of a kind so far.

#3 Evolution

#3 Evolution

We got here today, the human beings we are, through a series of evolution.

And as the theory of evolution signifies, this is not the end of evolution either. If anything evolution is a never ending continuous process.

Most times the changes are so small, it's insignificant. But there are some, like this little boy in China, who show us the most strongest signs of evolution.

See what this 'evolution' in the boy is...

#2 The ability to see in the dark.

#2 The ability to see in the dark.

Meet Nong Yousui, a young boy from the Chinese city Dahua.

He is just like you and me, two hand, two legs and all. But the one shocking difference are his eyes.

They are blue!

Normally the Westerners have these kind of eye color and a Chinese boy having it is unique indeed.

His eye's are not just blue, they can see in the dark!

But how well exactly?!

#1 As clear as if it's day!

That's right, the boy can see clearly in the dark as we can see in the light.

This 'ability' of his has been tested many times and each time the little one has done the impossible.

Some say his eye's are like that of the cat's and shine back light. Whatever it may be, this is a truly unique case indeed. Watch the video to know more!

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