It's Baby's First Christmas. Her Antics Have Everyone Cracking Up

It's Baby's First Christmas. Her Antics Have Everyone Cracking Up

This'll bring a smile on your face...

#3 Christmas

#3 Christmas

3 weeks from now and everything in the town will start shining in the Christmas lights. You'll start noticing the new designs of cakes and Santa bells all around. A few days back, we showed you how to save some money by Making Your own Christmas Wreath. In this festival, you spend lot of money just to make sure that this festival becomes memorable for your child or children.

Every child loves this festival. It's cold, pretty, a lot of food around and an off from studies. This sounds like every child's heaven? But what if the child is just 1 year old? Can you imagine the ruckus that those little steps would make? This is some cute stuff that we are talking about. What you are about to see on the upcoming pages is the best thing you'll see today.

#2 First Christmas

#2 First Christmas

Handling a small baby during Christmas is very difficult specially with so many things scattered around. You have your Christmas gifts, things to eat, souvenirs and your hugely decorated tree. While this is the time of the year for young children, it also can be a very trying time of the year for parents!

This parent that you will see in the video on the next page shows you how to handle children in this holiday season. Instead of losing your cool, calmly access your child's every move and protect him from all the Christmas Lightnings and other heavy or electrical stuff around. You will get to see all of this in the video ahead...

#1 The Video

Throwing things here and there is just a start. Then there is the kitchen messes that baby get's into. But it all pays off in the end, right? You can't resist the cuteness of your baby. In this case, the kid gets near the tree a bit too soon and opens all the presents.

This is cuteness personified. But for her parents, this just just a mess that they'll have to control. Aren't you already excited to see the video? Check it out here...

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