Is this A Real UFO Video? Maybe. Or Maybe Not. Take a look...

You watch and decide whether it's real or not!

#5 Aliens and UFO's

#5 Aliens and UFO's

Any news about Aliens and UFOs is always welcomed wholeheartedly by we humans. We love reading and knowing about them. And sometimes, we even believe them.

Again, we have something for you based on the same subject. And trust me when I say that this seems to be the most authentic video based on this subject ever.

#4 The Most Realistic Video Ever

#4 The Most Realistic Video Ever

So we have a video for you that is said to be the most realistic UFO Footage ever. This video comes directly from Malaysia. You should totally check this video out.

Checkout the video first and then we'll try and analyse whether the video is authentic or no!

Checkout the video ahead.

#3 The Video

The video shows enormous giant elliptical like structure hovering over the sky which eventually gets lost in the thin air. Many people believe that this is a real video and the thing that you can see in the video is actually a UFO.

Checkout the video here.

#2 Photshop

#2 Photshop

Now, you are free to have your own opinion but we think that it is a fake video. If we look down at the video, the chances of recording this video at such low resolution is highly unlike as today such low quality camera smartphone are very rare.

Also, it is clear that the video isn't captured by the normal camera app in the phone. At such moments of sheer excitement a person usually opens up his primary camera app instead of any third party filter app. Since the image is in B/W, it becomes easier to edit it on Photoshop.

#1 The Background Audio

#1 The Background Audio

As far as the background audio in this video is concerned, the language used in the audio is 'MALAY' (Kelantan state dialect), and it is surprising to note that in this video, not even a single word has been uttered about the UFO!

The woman here is talking about her son not going to school as he was hit by some car and something about 7 o'clock.

Now if you still think that this video is real, let us know why because we don't have any justification for it.

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