Injured Marine Holds Salute For 3 Hours. Then Some Patriotic Bikers Show Up...

A salute has made this man a local hero. Take a look...

#4 Patriotism

#4 Patriotism

Patriotism is a feeling that makes a man do things he never imagined for himself. Otherwise why will a man hold his salute for 3 hours straight in a patriotic function?

Tim Chambers is the man we are talking about. He is a local hero now because of his 3 hour long salute which by the way is much more special than it looks.

#3 Tim Chambers

#3 Tim Chambers

Tim Chambers is a veteran who served for 15 years in the US Marines. It's during the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom when Marine Staff Sergeant pays tribute to his fallen brothers in arms. Tim was paying an emotional tribute.

The entire ceremony took place for over 3 hours. His salute lasted for that long. But the reason why he became a local hero after this is something else. This salute was special.

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#2 Patriotism

#2 Patriotism

What made this salute so special is his injured wrist. Tim holds his salute in place this whole time, despite an injured wrist which should have been placed in a cast due to the nature of the injury.

This is sheer dedication and patriotism. The physical effort is well noted in the facial expression of Sgt Chambers. Checkout the video of this entire incident ahead.

#1 The Video

When asked about this brilliant dedication, Chambers replied, "The first time is always the hardest and I have to struggle mentally to be able to maintain my position. Then, when the motorcycles pass me, the vibration of the engine and exhaust noise pass through my body and take away the pain in the arm. And it gets even easier when people come and look me in the eye and say, Good job, Rifleman."

Checkout the video of this incident here...

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