In Case You Were Born In The 60's, 70's, or 80's, You MUST Watch This!

The people who were born in 60's, 70's and 80's are very lucky. Check out the reason...

#3 Children Today

#3 Children Today

In my opinion, children today are much more privileged and lead a very easy life. They have better technology and better environment around compared to what their parents had while they were growing up.

But who as a child had more fun while growing up? And how was the parenting different during 60's, 70's and 80's compared to today? Check out ahead...

#2 Upbringing In 60's, 70's And 80's

#2 Upbringing In 60's, 70's And 80's

Ask your parents about how they were grown up and they'll give you a not so colorful picture. Imagine that time without TV channels, cell phones, computers and internet. But that was really good because it seems that the kids from those decades were much more active and had more 'real' friends than the kids of today. The outdoor activities are reduced today because of the video games and smartphones.

In fact, the kids in the past were held accountable for their actions more so than children are today. They were much more healthy and definitely very sharp too. Check out the video ahead to see how exactly were the days back then while your parents, uncles and aunts were growing up.

#1 The Video

Kids today do no take responsibility for their own lives and actions. But kids back then would leave the house at dawn and be back before sundown without ever touching an electronic device or watching a screen all day to interact with each other.

These are one of those a few things that you will see in the video below. Watch the video and let us know your reactions.

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