Immediately Check Your Friend's List On Facebook. If You See This Lady, Delete Her ASAP. Here's Why

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#3 Social Networking Scam

#3 Social Networking Scam

Facebook is the most feasible option to connect with someone! One place where you put up all your details about the social life which also makes you vulnerable to some serious problems!

How many times have you just approved a friend request looking at the count of mutual friends? Even if you don't really know someone, you might end up approving their request just coz you have 20+ mutual friends. Right?

#2 Multiple Accounts

#2 Multiple Accounts

But, here's what this recent scam is about! This woman named Madhu Shah, having an authentic display picture is seeking out to reach people from almost all parts of the world. Almost everyone is on her friend list and nobody knows about her!

One man named Pawan posted about the scam, hoping to keep other people safe.

"WARNING: Do not take this #Fake #MadhuShah #Scam lightly. In this case, Ignorance is not bliss but stupidity!!" Pawan Manghnani said in his post. "Someone had to initiate this. Have done thorough research on this scary issue all week & posting this now for everybody’s benefit," Pawan wrote on his facebook account.

Check ahead to find out why she's a threat to you!

#1 Data Mining?

There are about 34 accounts of this lady. Probable reasons for this kind of friend-hunting can be possibly data mining or advertising, but whatever it is, having her on your friend list is leaking out your personal details to a complete stranger. Hence, it is advised, if she's on your list, unfriend her RIGHT NOW!

Watch the video of another such reported scam

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