If You See This On Your Parked Car, See How Deadly It Can Be?

This is just very scary...

#3 Scams

#3 Scams

A few weeks ago, we informed you about "Walmart Check" scam that surfaced in the society. That scam isn't even completely over and here we have a new scam for you all. While the Walmart scam sends a letter in the mail, this one is actually much simpler, using only a computer and a printer.

This is a new way that car thieves have found to run off with your car. The focus of the scam is for the person committing the crime to place a fake $100 bill on the windshields of shoppers inside the store. The thieves use this situation. To know how they use the situation and harm you, check out the next page...

#2 How Does This Scam Work

#2 How Does This Scam Work

So basically, the thieves will attach a $100 on your windshield. So now, you have a fake money lying right in front of your car. By the time you notice it, you'll have, in all likelihood, already unlocked your car, possibly even started it, and then you see it, the 'money'.

At this point the nearby thieves expect you to get out of your running vehicle to retrieve it, and at this point, they hop in the drivers seat and take off with your car. This is exactly what happened with a Missouri resident recently. Check out the next page to see that...

#1 The Video

So, as we mentioned on the previous page, this happened with Kyri Viehman from St. Louis, Missouri. Luckily, she had noticed the money before entering the car and therefore her car was still locked, that saved it! Attorney General saw numerous reports of these fake pieces of currency, so it may be that time of the year for it to make it's comeback. With that in mind, please make sure to share this with all your family and friends.

Remember to stay safe, to enjoy the holidays as they were meant, and to speak up if you see anything like this happening in your town! Check out the video below to see the scam.

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