If You See An Elastic Band Stretched On To Your Door Handle Like THIS, Call 911 Immediately.

This is dangerous. Far more dangerous than you think. Take a look.

#3 The Knock

#3 The Knock

I wish all of us were as smart as Kim Fleming Cernigiliaro. When you'll read about what she did, you'll say the same.

Recently, she had a close encounter with someone who wanted to break into her house. She was alone at the time, and could hear loud knocking. But she didn't really bother as she was alone and she knew no one important would come to her house at this time.

#2 The Elastic

#2 The Elastic

Once the knocking stopped, she waited for a while to make sure that the person is gone. It was then that she decided to finally open the door and see if the person left any brochure or something.

But to her surprise, she found an elastic band over her door knocker. This is probably the most dangerous situation she has ever been into.

Keep reading ahead to know what this elastic meant.

#1 The Danger

#1 The Danger

Many thieves use this method to make sure that they get into your home when you unhinge the door. The elastic just helps them. It would appear that whoever was knocking had the intention of forcing the door open when she unhinged it.

Luckily, nothing happened. She then posted the entire incident on Facebook. Take a look.

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