If You Buy Instant Noodles Throw Them Out IMMEDIATELY. Here's Why!


#3 Instant Noodles

#3 Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles are the undoubtedly the most popular choice for midnight hunger pangs and are ideal for just-another munchings! Their taste, price and feasibility of cooking have made them extremely popular across the world!

But, before you hop on another pack of these noodles, you SHOULD know what it has!

#2 Tastes good, but!

#2 Tastes good, but!

It is always beneficial to know about the ingredients of what you're consuming! An attempt was made to look into the ingredients of the noodles. The study found out that these noodles contain Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ).

TBHQ is the byproduct of petroleum industry which is generally used to preserve the foods that are cheap. Now, what actually does it do and what happens once these noodles reach to the stomach is found out by a gastrointestinal specialist in his experiment

Read ahead to find out the shocking revelations he made about the consumption of these noodles

#1 Shocking

#1 Shocking

The experiment revealed that people consuming it regularly put themselves on a risk of metabolic syndrome regardless of the exercise they do to balance the excessive fat!

This syndrome is a potential reason to problems like High Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure and most significantly increased risk of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes.

Ah. Never knew something that delicious could be this harmful too! Share it excessively with your family and friends and avoid consuming the dried noodles all the time!

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