I Still Can't Believe What I'm Seeing! It's A DIY Go-Kart Powered By A Drill Motor

This is the best thing you are going to see tonight!

#3 Go-Kart

#3 Go-Kart

If you think a Go-Kart has to be all fancy and super-powered, you couldn’t be more wrong. You see, this kid is having probably more fun than anyone else has ever had riding a Go-Kart and it’s powered by none other than a drill motor.

I know you are getting really curious to see how it actually works with the drill motor.

#2 The Requirements

#2 The Requirements

With nothing more than some spare lumber, a drill, and a few other interchangeable odds and ends from around the house, the dad of the kid in the video came up with one heck of an end product!

Check out the video ahead to see how functional this thing actually is.

#1 The Video

We wouldn’t believe that a single drill could get the job done, but it’s actually quite effective. Imagine how much of a beast this thing would be with a BIGGER drill LOL.

I think you need to sit in peace and enjoy the video. Take a look...

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