I Had No Clue That Needle Can Be Used For This As Well

A simple needle can save your life in this very crucial time. Checkout how...

#3 Stroke

#3 Stroke

One of the most unpredictable things we humans will ever experience is our own death. It does not need any invitation. In some cases, it arrives in matter of seconds whereas in other cases, a person prays for his/her death but it never shows up.

Stroke belongs to the first category. When a person is having a stroke - the capillaries of the brain gradually tear. Eventually, his/her brain does not get enough oxygen, which causes the brain cells to die. The death comes almost immediately if not treated then and there.

#2 The Immediate Treatment

#2 The Immediate Treatment

On the spot medical help is not available all the time. So what can be done to save the life of a person? Firstly, stay calm and do not move the person who is having a stroke.

This is when you use a needle. Just make sure that needle is properly sterilized before being put to use.

Keep reading ahead to see how exactly can the needle be used to save someone from stroke.

#1 The Use Of A Needle

#1 The Use Of A Needle

After sterilizing the needle, prick the tips of all 10 fingers, as close to the nails as possible and as fast as you can. Wait for the blood to start flowing, and if you don't notice any blood squeeze the fingers. The blood flow is important here.

Once the blood starts flowing, the person will gain consciousness. If you notice that the victim's mouth is crooked, massage the patient's ears until they turn red, to improve the patient's blood flow. Then prick the soft part of the earlobe twice until two drops of blood comes out. Use these tips and you can save someone's life in such situations.

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