Husband Tells Wife Not To Go To Work, She Thinks He's Joking, Then He Drops The BIG Bombshell!

This is the sweetest thing ever. New life goals from now on!

#4 Surprises

#4 Surprises

Surprises are the most integral part of every relationship. Who on this planet doesn't like surprises? A surprise becomes even more special if the timing of the surprise is right!

Everyone in this world should learn the timing of giving surprises by Derrick. This looks to be the sweetest thing a husband can do for his wife.

#3 A Normal Day

#3 A Normal Day

So it was a very normal day for Derrick and his wife. They woke up in the morning and started getting ready for their respective offices. Except today, Derrick decided to go about his routine a little differently.

He had been secretly plotting a big secret for his wife for quite some time now, and today was the day that all would be revealed to her!

After looking at this, even you'd wish for such a surprise from your partner.

Look at the surprise ahead.

#2 The Anniversary Gift

#2 The Anniversary Gift

Just to make sure that he doesn't miss the priceless expression on the face of his wife, he took his camera out to record this once in a lifetime moment. He approaches his wife and tells her that she isn't going to work today, he hands over 15.72 Euros and adds that she is going to need that where she is going.

His wife didn't take him seriously in the start but it soon dawns on her that he is being extremely serious. 'Happy anniversary! Five years' he exclaims with joy.

#1 The Video

After knowing the reality, the wife struggles to hold her tears back. Her husband's all the hard work and planning has paid off. He even contacted her work for her already and all she had to do was pack and go - incredible!

Checkout the video to see some beautiful rush of emotions.

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