Humans Belong To Some Other Planet, Researchers Say

So they say we humans are not originally from earth. Why? Take a look...

#5 Dr. Ellis Silver Says...

#5 Dr. Ellis Silver Says...

How will you feel if someone randomly comes up to you and says that your home is actually not your home? This is what Dr. Ellis Silver has to say about humans.

According to him, humans do not belong to planet earth. Yes, you read it right. This is what this man says.

#4 His Theory

#4 His Theory

So this Scientist weirdly suggests that humans did not evolve alongside the other species of this Earth but rather arrived on this planet, fully evolved into the homo sapien form between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago.

Now this is like challenging our knowledge of evolution. He has facts to believe this theory and make others believe as well.

Keep reading ahead to know those facts.

#3 The Fact

#3 The Fact

This theory of Doctor Silver is based on a specific fact about we humans. He says that we humans display some unusual problems that are usually not found among members of the animal kingdom.

This according to him, suggests that the human body did not evolve to deal with the conditions on the planet Earth.

#2 Our Traits

#2 Our Traits

Dr. Silver says, "Mankind is supposedly the most highly developed species on the planet, yet is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth's environment."

The traits that we have like back-aches and sensitivity towards sunlight etc prove that our body isn't made to handle the situations on earth.

So the question is, how did we come here? Speculating as to how human beings ended up on this planet after evolving somewhere else in the universe, Dr. Silver suggests that the species did not travel voluntarily.

#1 The Weird Logic

Now Dr. Silver has a weird logic about how we humans landed up on Earth. According to him, we were banished from another planet because of our temperament and confined to the Earth which was utilized as a prison planet.

He said that it is unlikely that highly advanced alien race would tolerate the naturally violent dispositions of human beings and therefore, they pushed us here as a form of punishment. Now believing this or not believing this is on you. Meanwhile, I'll go and watch some Alien movies. Although, you guys checkout the video below that supports the claims made by Dr. Silver.

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