How Is The 'Octomom' Doing After 7 Years Since She Gave Birth?

Can you imagine having 8 kids at once?

#3 The Octomom

#3 The Octomom

Childbirth is an amazing feeling, but can you imagine giving birth to 8 babies all at once? Well, we have a proud mother who did that..

Nadya Suleman is the first ever Octomom who gave birth to a set of Octuplets who had survived. But the real struggle began during the 'growing-up' phase.

#2 The Real Struggle

#2 The Real Struggle

Suleman had to bear all the expenses which were just so much. Moreover, she also had to leave her job to care for children. Reportedly, Suleman had conceived the babies through IVF

She rose to fame in 2007 because of her octupulets. But, recently a few years ago, she had been a suspect in a criminal investigation case.

Keep reading to know why it happened

#1 Paid a bigger prize for not disclosing information

#1 Paid a bigger prize for not disclosing information

She had asked for assistance from government and had never disclosed that she received $30K for working in an adult film and as a stripper. Hence, she was found guilty.

So, she was sentenced to probation along with 200 hours of community service. However, her kids are doing just fine.

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