Horrified Mom Fired Her Babysitter For Doing THIS To Her Kid. Do You Agree With Her Decision?

Whether you have kids or not, you probably know what you should and shouldn't do when it comes to kids.

#3 Insensibility Captured.

#3 Insensibility Captured.

Kids have always been a reason of joy and their smile has always been a sorrow repellent. But what this babysitter did to a 7 month old would give you a massive heart ache.

The video uploaded by an onlooker went viral and was also an eye opener to that little girl's mother who came to know what happened with her baby while she was away.

#2 She Couldn't Take It Anymore.

#2 She Couldn't Take It Anymore.

When this onlooker, Desiree Howell, saw the poor girl crying in pain, she immediately recorded the babysitter's harassment and put it live on the social media. She claimed that the baby was forced to gulp in a huge amount of water in the water park by the sitter.

Without giving it a second thought she called the cops to end this abuse and prayed for that child's safety who, not only was victimized to this but was also forced to walk barefoot over the hot pavement.

The video post on social media finally reached the baby's mother and her reactions were absolutely justified..Go ahead to watch the video

#1 When The Video Caught Mommy's Eyes !

The video was shared for around 5000 times and it is through sharing that this kid's mother,Brittany Dixson from Indiana, came to know about this brutality against her baby.

She was completely terrified to see what her daughter,Annora, had been put through. She immediately FIRED the babysitter and took Annora to the hospital for checkup.

The doctors told that the little baby had almost survived "dry drowning", a condition where the lungs are encircled fully with water, choking the vocal cords.

This is heart-breaking! Watch the video below to see what insanity that little had gone through.

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