His Neighbours Were FURIOUS When He Dug This Huge Hole. When They Saw Why... UNBELIEVABLE!

You won't believe what he did with the extra space...

#3 Underground Hole

#3 Underground Hole

Builders use underground holes for different stuff. For example, this man build the swimming pool in his backyard by making this huge hole there. But here, it's not a swimming pool, it's something better than that. Wayne Martin is a DIYer and one day he woke up with amazing vision. Arguably one of the best he ever thought.

This entire project is a result of too much planning. Wayne bought a shipping container for a few thousand dollars and after some very careful planning, he excavated his backyard and dropped the container into the freshly dug hole. What happened next is brilliant.

#2 The Second House

#2 The Second House

Well, let's just say that Wayne made a second spare home for himself. He sat and gave it a thought, used his imagination and added some additional construction, including adding extra supports, ventilation, a staircase, and pouring concrete, before becoming a proud new owner of an underground shelter. But the real catch here is the reason why he needed this underground house. You won't believe it why!

#1 A Wine Cellar

Yes, this guy used this brilliant underground house as a wine cellar. He just earned all the respect I can bestow on any human being. I wonder if he will come and build one for me, if I ask nicely. See the video below and you'll be mesmerized by this man's efforts.

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