He's Filming Behind His Ski Boat. When THIS Pops Out Of The Water Everyone Starts Screaming

This is unreal...

#2 The Ocean

#2 The Ocean

In my opinion, an Ocean is probably the scariest place you can ever enter. It is scary because of it's calmness and subtlety. It is a different world altogether. You wouldn't want to mess with that world.

This is a mistake that this group of youngsters made. This group of people took their speed boat out on the ocean and experienced something that they will no doubt be sharing with friends and family for years to come. What they experienced is kinda unreal.

Keep reading ahead to know what happened.

#1 The Experience

Ocean is the home for tons of killer animals and when you mess with them, they make sure that they give you the time of your life. Most people have to go to the Sea World to experience a close and personal encounter with these animals.

But if you catch these guys when they are in the mood for a little game of chase, and you are in your boat, then you will have a very unique up close and personal experience that very few people ever have. This is exactly what this group got from the killer whales.

Checkout the video below to experience what this bunch of people experienced.

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