Here's Why So Many Smart, Intelligent and Gorgeous Women Stay Single for Years and years!

Have you ever noticed that most of the good looking and amazing women stay single for years? That's a reality and we never found a logical justification for that. But now there's something that might explain us this case!

Modern women don’t believe in fairytales anymore

Yes, they don't really live in a bubble anymore. If anything, they believe in making their own life amazing with or without a man!

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They Respect Their Freedom And Free Time

Women have started realising how important it is to have their own free time. They have understood the importance of doing what they like over relying on a man for unnecessary things!

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Modern women are independent

Modern women are independent

They are independent. They do not rely on anybody for anything!

Emotionally Stable

Women have become stronger, more emotionally stable, and more educated. They believe in equality and live their life like every human being should!

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Alternative Relationships

Women have also started favoring alternative relationships in their life! Not everything has to be romantic after all. Or even if it has to be, not every romantic relationship has to be with men!

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Modern women have very high standards

Modern women have very high standards

Modern women have realised their worth and are not ready to let their mental peace fluctuate for someone who doesn't deserve to be with her! They have high standards for good!

Men Are Afraid

Also note down that men are afraid to meet smart, independent and intelligent women! For some of them, it becomes too overwhelming!

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