Here Are 10 Times You Needed Help But Only Had A Camera!

Poor you!

#10 I hope you too see the irony in this....


What he said!

#9 Do you see it?

Well fuck...

The odds were never in his favor.

#8 Oh look! The tap broke!

#8 Oh look! The tap broke!

Let me take a picture while all that water goes to waste!

#7 Poor dude....

I don't know man, I just....

I feel your pain. But is that a good spot to make anything?

#6 The story behind this one is something I seriously wanna know!

When your car overheats, there's only one thing to do.

At least he's taking it sportively.

#5 This smart person...

I'm an idiot... Just painted the stairs to my basement now I'm trapped.

Who has waaay too much time on his hands.

#4 Nailed it...

well fuck

I mean the picture!

#3 May be she did...

#3 May be she did...

Or maybe she did not.

#2 Yes you look hot and all...


You are gonna make one hot patient.

#1 Self Destruction

That awkward moment when you open your refrigerator and the door falls off.

Of the worst kind.

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