Her Entire Life Dad Had A Beard, Watch How Baby Reacts To Him Shaving It For The First Time

The Baby's reaction? Priceless!

#3 Being Dad

#3 Being Dad

The Internet is full of videos of kids with their dads. Mothers have an incredible association with the kids and so does the fathers! It is more difficult to be a father because at times they have to move out of their comfort zones to do something that makes their baby happy!

And without any doubt, every father does that to make their world happy! However, like men cannot understand what a woman wants, they often end up failing to the expectations of baby as well. Oh dear men! Wanna see how! See this one!

#2 The Dad's Beard

#2 The Dad's Beard

The baby obviously loved his father so much who had a long beard. She would recognize him with that beard and loved it too. But one day, suddenly he surprises the baby girl by shaving up and getting clean!

Baby's reaction!? Oh, it was priceless. Why don't you check it for yourself in the video ahead! It is really adorable!

#1 The Baby Girl Cried Inconsolably

Oh, poor baby! Unable to recognize her superhero dad, she cries upon watching him all shaved up! Check out the video!

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