Her Dogs Acted Strange Around Her Fiance, So She Sets A Hidden Camera. What She Finds? Sickening!

This is disgusting! How can someone do something like this???

#3 Girl Worried For Her Dogs!

#3 Girl Worried For Her Dogs!

Well, I've never witnessed such a thing before ever in my life!!

Ninna Mandin, the 26-year old from Rio de Janeiro, recently was very much worried about how her pets, Victoria and Gucci, 2 French Bulldogs, would react yo the fact of her fiance moving in with her. Her worries were quite justified, though.

#2 Sets a Hidden Camera

#2 Sets a Hidden Camera

Often single people like Ninna, mean the world to their pets and is a reciprocal fact for them. Often due to out day-to-day needs we adjust with other people quiet easily but our pets take some time to trust strangers. However, Ninna was sure, with time they all will be a happy family!

However, to her disappointment, her dogs started behaving freak and getting weird injuries after few days her fiance moved in. She could sense their fear in their eerie behaviour. With no either choice, she installed a hidden camera. She returned to watch a footage that almost stopped her heart.

Watch the video ahead

#1 Brute!

Watch out what he did yourselves in the video! This is both sickening and alarming at the front face!

Though not a watch for finicky people but definitely needs shares, to get the savage handcuffed.

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