He speeds in to steal her spot, but she has the last laugh- BRILLIANT!

We are definitely not fans of people who try to steal parking spot.

#3 Sincerity vs Distortion.

#3 Sincerity vs Distortion.

Driving a car can be an easy shit but to follow the rules abided by it may not cross everyone's brains. This is what seemed to happen when this lady gave all her efforts to sincerely take a reverse mode and park her car, but while she way making her way in, a jerk speed up and takes away her spot.

#2 Steal Deal !

#2 Steal Deal !

Even though that guy in that white car drove in quite speedily, this girl also didn't have away her weapons, she made it clear that will take away her spot by hook or by crook. But the show doesn't end here..!

Some fights are indeed worth a watch! Watch this incredible spot tussle in the video ahead!

#1 And A Smart Move.

Not only did she successfully parked her car but doing justice go the technology and some smart features of her car, she managed to escape out cleverly. Check out..

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