He Was Taking A Nap On The Ground When A Cheetah Appeared And Did The Strangest Thing.


#3 Not All Wildlife Stories Are Scary.

#3 Not All Wildlife Stories Are Scary.

Most often, stories from wildlife flashes the news screen with horrifying incidents. Either the animal turns out to be a beast and knocks the person down to death or tries to defense but injuring the person in charged.

But this story of a cheetah and Dolph Volker, a volunteer at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa, is a lot more different.

#2 When Dolph Decides To Take A Nap.

#2 When Dolph Decides To Take A Nap.

Dolph decides to take a break and relax for a while when this pretty lady,Eden, walks in and cuddles with him just the way she does with other Cheetahs.

Watch how they became dearest of friends in the video ahead..

#1 Friendship Is Selfless !

Eden took her time to trust Doplh but now they both are great friends. Watch out how they spend their afternoon..

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