He Wants To Bring Back Old Music, But When He Opens His Mouth No One Was Expecting THIS.

Sal Valentinette is exactly what you envision when you think of young. Long Island..

#3 A Gutsy Intro.

#3 A Gutsy Intro.

As the judges of America's Got Talent waited for the next contestant, this guy walks in with utter determination and tells one and all sitting right in front of him that he isn't here to try but win. Sal Valentinetti, 20 years old, from Long Island has every ones ear front from the start.

#2 Straight From Soul To Heart.

#2 Straight From Soul To Heart.

Sal, giving assurance to be a complete entertainment, begins to sing. Right from his first notch till the end he already had won everyone's attention and approval. With his inputs in one of the legendary songs from old times, making souls dance to his tune.

Watch this soulful performance in the video ahead!

#1 'Golden' Moment.

Not only did he got standing ovation from the audience and yes from the judges but also the golden buzzer. Check out for the complete entertaining performance by this marvelous performer.

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