He Stands By His Horse- No One Could Take Their Eyes Off His Next Move

This is a must watch for everyone...

#2 Practice

#2 Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. It's time we modify this statement and start saying that Practice makes everyone perfect, even the animals. At least this is what this gig proves.

I've always believed that horses can do anything they wish too. After all there is a reason why all our Kings preferred fighting the wars on them.

Here, hours of careful training lead a man and his horses to be able to do anything together. So, they put on a show to prove it.
Keep reading ahead as you totally need to checkout this show that they put together. It will leave you speechless.

Love For Pets

 Love For Pets

You can feel the love and affection this guy shares with his pets while he is performing live with them. Specially horses! They learned to willingly cohere all the wild ideas this man had in mind for the final performance.

Hours of hard work and soon they were able to perform the rare tricks together that no one else in the business could do.

Keep reading ahead to see the tricks.

The Tricks

The Tricks

These tricks that horses learned were special and unique. They learned the patience to sit, bend, and move at the man's every command immediately. When the man motioned for them, they willingly moved in the perfect way they were taught to by the man.

Now this is where the twist comes. When the horses grew in their patience, the man brought out his dogs to join in on the fun, and that's what people loved watching the most. What dogs did with the horses is something you need to see.
Look for the video ahead to see what the dogs did with the horses.

#1 The Video

The dogs and the horses synced perfectly with each other. The horses were low to the ground, and the man motioned his dogs over to sit on their backs. If you think this was impressive, read the next part.

He trained his animals to work together so well that the dogs learned to jump on the horses backs while they were standing. Checkout this video below to see the entire act.

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