He Pours Salt On A Sheet Of Wax Paper. When He Irons It...Something Awesome Happens

I'm never cleaning the same way again!

#3 Uses Of Salt

#3 Uses Of Salt

Salt is easily one of the most commonly used spices on Earth. Dating back to over 8,000 years ago, salt was processed in Europe, Asia and the Middle East not only as a cooking ingredient, but also as a way to cure and preserve meat. It is primarily for the latter reason that salt became a significant item of trade and barter throughout the known world, as foods could be made to last longer.

No kitchen is complete without a healthy stash of salt, but if you only use it for cooking, you are not using it to its full potential. Simple table salt has a variety of applications around the house and it's amazing to see just how versatile it can be. What is its full potential? How versatile can it really be? Go to the next page and find out these 7 amazing salt hacks that will forever change the way you clean.

#2 Cleaning Up With Salt

#2 Cleaning Up With Salt

Everyone knows that salt is good for seasoning food. How many know the numerous other uses for this common household ingredient? Salt is useful for cleaning, maintenance, and even safety. Is something sticky stuck to your clothing iron? Pour salt on a sheet of wax paper, turn the iron to high, and "iron" the salt on the wax paper. The sticky substance will cling to the salt and leave the iron clean.

Don't worry about a broken egg. Dump salt on it, leave it for about ten minutes, and then, using a paper towel, brush it into the trash. Burnt food stuck to a pan is no match for salt. Soaking the inside of the pan with salt and water will help remove the residue. Clean a dirty sponge by soaking it in salt and water. If you need to clean a porcelain tub, scrub it with equal parts turpentine and salt. It will glow.

alt can help clear a clogged drain. Mix 1/4th cup of salt with 1/4th cup of baking soda. Shake the mixture and pour it down the drain. Follow with 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Salt can even smother small fires. If you have a grease fire, pour enough salt to cover it. The oxygen flow will be cut off and the fire will die. Don't take our word for it. Watch all of this yourself. Just watch this video.

#1 Watch It

Salt has been regarded as a purifying substance in many cultures. However, this particular video addresses several unusual applications for common table salt that can clean your home and your appliances. Salt is great for SO many things! You're never going to clean the same way again after watching this. Plus, using salt instead of a bunch of chemicals is better for our lovely little planet. Have I convinced you yet? This video definitely will.

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