He Lied About His Age To Marry Her. 70 Years Later, Their Daughter Loses It When She Sees This

This is true love...

#2 True Love

#2 True Love

A boy meets a girl. Both of them start spending time with each other. He takes her out for a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee becomes a jar of heart full of adrenaline juice. They end up kissing in the most romantic situation possible under the light of thousand stars and no one around. This sounds like a plot of Nicholas Spark's next novel, isn't it?

If you thought that such a love story is only possible in novels and movies, you were wrong. Believe it or no but this world has plenty of hopelessly romantic souls who would even lie their age to be together. This is exactly what Kenneth did for Helen. Their love story will be remembered for a very long time by romantics all around the world. Keep reading ahead to checkout why!

#1 The Video

Kenneth and Helen are your real life Noah and Allie. They met when they were teenagers. Immediately they knew that they are perfect for each other. They were so much into each other that Kenneth lied about his age to marry Helen. He was 2 days short to be 21 but he couldn't wait and married Helen before he was 21.

They went on to spend 70 years together with each other. They had a perfect story. A perfect ending made this story immortal. Their children said that they always had a feeling that when one of their parents would pass away, the other would surely follow. This is exactly what happened. Fifteen and a half hours after the death of Helen, even Kenneth went to be with her. Check out this video to live their amazing love story. The pictures are simply beautiful!

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