He Adds A Raw Egg To His Coffee & Mixes It With Water. The Result? Absolute Heaven...

You need to try this right away....

The Norwegian Egg Coffee

The Norwegian Egg Coffee

Ever heard about a "Norwegian Egg Coffee"? Neither had we before we watched this video. The Norwegian egg coffee is in fact a proper coffee prepared with an actual egg. It is in fact well known among Americans of Scandinavian beginnings that live in the Midwest. It's origin while interesting isn't something you need to know.

What you do need to know is how it's good for you. And how can one go about preparing it. I said egg coffee to my friend, and despite the fact that he had never heard about it, he did notice that skin or swim bladders from fish were utilized when bubbling espresso to help illuminate it. Actually, the Norwegian name for this - klareskinn - truly signifies "clearing skin." All things considered, both are great protein sources and they can both be used in such a way.

Try It Yourself

The eggs in the coffee help the entire mixture to mix better than ever. The eggs which are a great protein source give you the added benefit you get from consuming eggs with just a simple coffee. It is an easy all-in-one breakfast. The taste of such a coffee is absolutely out of this world. Don't take our word for it, watch the video and try it out yourself.

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