Have You Heard Of Any Of These Bizarre Sexual Traditions From Around The World?

These $exual Traditions are very weird. I am sure you have no idea about any of these. Take a look...

#10 Trip While Dancing

#10 Trip While Dancing

Colombia has this very weird tradition that has gained popularity amongst the masses over the years. Guajiro people in Colombia perform a ceremonial dance.

If a young woman successfully manages to trip a man during the dance, they'd have to have $ex with them.

#9 Polyandry

#9 Polyandry

Polyandry was very normal in Nepal once upon a time. It involved a group of brothers sharing a wife in order to avoid diving their land among each brother who started their own family.

This all happened because there wasn't enough land available in the Himalayan region.

Keep reading ahead to know more about such weird $exual traditions.

#8 The Genital Chant

#8 The Genital Chant

Hawaiian culture once upon a time had this weird tradition where royalty and common folks named their genital$ and had a personal chant called "mele ma'i," which described their $ex organs.

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