He Put Scary Lights Around His House, Now Keep Your Eye On The Top Window...

Instead of the traditional jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows, one homeowner decided to do something a little different to celebrate Halloween. In this amazing viral video........

#3 This Amazing House

#3 This Amazing House

Instead of the traditional jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows, one homeowner decided to do something a little different to celebrate Halloween. In this amazing viral video, watch as an ordinary house situated in the middle of a quiet, picturesque California neighborhood transforms itself into a jaw-dropping light show that's truly a festive feast for the senses. Kevin Judd of Riverside, CA strung hundreds of lights and synchronized them to "This Is Halloween" from the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Within days, his house became a tourist destination and Kevin became a celebrity in his own right.

The light show features four singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, thousands of lights and 1144 channels. Nearly all the lights, faces and props were custom made by Kevin! I absolutely love watching the front of the house change from one neon color to the next, perfectly synched up with the creepy, whimsical song. Of course, many YouTube commenters are curious to see what Kevin's electric bill looks like come December . Go to the next page and watch this incredible light show.

#2 Kevin Judd

#2 Kevin Judd

Kevin Judd really began doing this as a way of indulging his creative side. To show off the effort he took a video of the entire thing and put it up on YouTube.To his surprise the video gained millions of views and thousands of followers. Giving him fans who traveled to see the house and the decorations for themselves.

After this incident Kevin began doing this every year, making his house a tourist destination every Halloween. Of course it hasn't been a cake walk for Kevin, one year he had to stop the light show getting into trouble with the local police. His sound and light show were creating too much noise. He had to lay low for 2 years, but in the 3rd year his neighbors got a petition for him which allowed him to continue the show.

His neighbors said that Kevins halloween light show was good clean fun which only brought good publicity to the neighborhood. It was a part f their lives. With the neighbors permission Kevin pulled out all the stops and made his comeback in the third year. Watch this one on the next page. It is the best one Kevin has created over the years.

#1 Watch This

Now finally watch this video and decide for yourself. It starts off a bit slow but the video is truly worth the wait. The wait gives it the extra spookiness.

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