Half-Blind Teenager with Cancer Abused By The TSA For Being Confused During A Search


#3 The TSA has landed itself in a soup again.

#3 The TSA has landed itself in a soup again.

You would think with the kind of media scrutiny the TSA would be receiving for their incompetency, they would be taking precautions to improve. But they have gone and done it all over again!

The lack of their efficiency has gone up with numerous people actually managing to sneak guns past them. Not just that, many innocent people have missed their flights because of the TSA's incompetence.

And now they did this to a poor girl!

#2 They behaved like animals.

#2 They behaved like animals.

Hannah Cohen was travelling home to Chattanooga, Tennessee with her family, after receiving treatment for her tumor. Hannah is partially blind and has no vision in her left eye. Not just that she's partially deaf and paralyzed as well. And it wasn't her fault when she was confused after the TSA pulled her aside after she accidentally set off a security alarm at the Airport.

And instead of being civil, they abused her like this..Keep reading to know what actually went wrong

#1 What went wrong?

When the alarm went off, Hannah was pulled aside for inspection. The sudden flurry of action and alarm, coupled with her disabilities confused her.

And what did the TSA do?

They responded by throwing her violently to the ground. And even arrested poor Hannah. But the charges were dropped after they realized their huge mistake.

Hannah's family is suing the TSA for medical damages, pain and public humiliation.

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