Guy Gets Custody Of Baby, Puts Him To Disturbing Use

Can't believe it!

#3 Divorced Parents

#3 Divorced Parents

Whenever the parents decide to part ways, the one who gets traumatized is always the child. Either both of them fights for the child's custody or both of them rejects the responsibility of the innocent one!

Whatever be the case, the child is always the targeted and often faces emotional turmoil. But 26-year-old Isaac Hernandez of Nampa, Idaho, went over the board to do something really very heinous!

#2 Witnesses Tell The Truth

#2 Witnesses Tell The Truth

Since the infant’s mother was in prison for a methamphetamine conviction when he was born, the child, Sylys was placed in his father’s care. But this father did something that is really unexpected of him.

People who lived in the neighbourhood had told a lot about the child. Numerous witnesses have told the detectives that Isaac’s interactions with the child were severely disturbing. They mentioned that Sylys never smiled or laughed and almost spent all of his day strapped into a car seat.

The infant always had a bruise or injury, which Isaac would excuse. One friend even saw Isaac punch the baby’s stomach and push his face into a blanket to silence his crying. Another said when she lifted the baby’s legs up to change his diaper, he started screaming. After learning that the infant’s legs were broken, the woman realised what had happened.

But, Issac has shown the most brutal side of his when he did something more devastating than this abuse! Read on to know!

#1 The Father Was Booked For Child Abuse

#1 The Father Was Booked For Child Abuse

Police arrested this man for all that he has done to the baby. He had killed his own son in the most brutal one. Even the judge called it the "saddest and worst" ever. The baby was just 3 month old and had never been happy in his short life. Sad! Heartbreaking!

Issac even tried to put the blame on others but the judge didn't care to hear his pleas. After all, the judge knows the culprit well!

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