Group of liberal punks stand on the American flag. Then a disabled veteran shows up..

A group of college student needed some attention, so they decided to put on some matching T-shirt and stand on the American flag

#3 This is what they did to get attention.

#3 This is what they did to get attention.

One should always respect their own country and strive to protect its honor! ALWAYS. But, this group of radical students will trying to disrespect their national flag and got a lesson for life!

A bunch of college goers all dressed-up in similar attire, stepped on the American flag just so to catch everyone's eye and yelling out loud through a megaphone. But there so called fun turned out to be a mess when the disabled veteran blows in.

#2 He teaches them a lesson of nationalism.

#2 He teaches them a lesson of nationalism.

While they disagreed to back off from the flag, he shouted at them saying "Why do you have the right. because people are DYING for your stupid ass! They are dying for you so you can have this right! You are shitting where you are eating".

What he did next will amaze you! Check the video ahead..

#1 And he nailed it.

Even though the crack-head bunch denied to bend stating that they have freedom of speech, the guy showed up to his respect towards his National Flag and pulled them off getting a hold of the flag.

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