Grandma Makes A Wrong Turn On The Way Back Home, That's When Grandson Sees Something He Can't Unsee

A wrong turn changed everything in their lives.

Often we've heard them say that wrong turns often lead to beautiful destinations. But then, sometimes, fate plays a different game and changes the way you live your life

Karter is a normal 6-yr-old kid who has an ordinary life like others of his age. He never knew his life would change just because of a wrong turn.

It was a normal day for them when Karter's grandma whom he lovingly calls Mimi picked him up from the school. Together, they were coming back to their home. He must have different plans altogether.

But suddenly, they realised that they've missed the right turn way back and have taken a wrong turn.

They've reached the Lowe'a parking lot. Carolyn hurriedly cut through the Lowe's parking lot, watching for oncoming cars and pedestrians to reach home on time. But Karter spied something startling. He saw something really strange which his Mimi didn't see. And the inquisitive little guy knew he had to take action.

He never knew this would change his life. Read on to know what they found out.

Karter had seen a lifeless man lying on the ground of the parking lot. Though he was just six, he knew that something was wrong. Hence, Karter pleaded with his Mimi to turn around, and once grandma finally did, she couldn't believe her eyes. She also saw the man gasping for air. So they stepped out of the car and called 911 for help

Once the paramedics' team came, they finally left the site. They didn't know what happened to the man, but weeks later Carolyn received a message from the man's family thanking Karter and Carolyn for stopping by. The family member told her that that man had suffered a mini heart attack and had they had not stopped by, he would have died!

Watch the little Karter talk about the whole incident so gracefully

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