Girl Bullies Boy, Boy Retaliates....Was Not Expecting This.

Were both the cause and response appropriate?

#3 Bullying

#3 Bullying

"Bullying" has long since been something that needs to be stopped.

Countless have suffered from, even died from it. The damage it causes is too much to comprehend- emotionally and physically.

But what if the one being bullied becomes the 'bully'? Is that ok?

Because that is precisely what happens here.

#2 Girl Beats Boy

#2 Girl Beats Boy

The video starts with a girl picking on a boy for being fat. It gets violent pretty quick, with the girl grabbing the boy by his head and hitting him repeatedly.

The boy asks again, and again to be left alone. Even those others around them ask the girl to stop.

But then suddenly something happens. Wanna know what? Go ahead to check out the entire video!

#1 Retaliation

The boy who is visibly overweight pushed the girl away but grabs her by the hair. And puts her in a chokehold. The girl continues thrashing him nevertheless, even though she's obviously in serious trouble.

At this point, her brother who did nothing to stop her but steps in now and starts punching the boy. The boy doesn't budge. After some time, he lets go of her and asks, "You Ok?"

What do you think about this?

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