'Fat-Shaming' Girls Pounce On Unsuspecting Man, But Karma Is Served In The End

Karma comes in ways you do not expect.

#3 Fat-Shaming

#3 Fat-Shaming

There's a terrible thing people do nowadays days...where they think they have the right to judge other people for their lifestyle and choices. Which is totally inhumane and inappropriate.

But what will YOU do if you witness someone being fat-shamed through no fault of theirs?

Ignore, take a stand?

Well, one such incident unfolded at McDonalds and see what happened then!

#2 McDonalds

#2 McDonalds

Two women come into McDonalds because they want to order 'salads'(seriously? Who comes to McDonalds to order salads?).

And instead of just focusing on their 'salads', they pounce onto an unsuspecting man for being fat and still coming to McDonalds.

The poor dude is caught off guard as he just stands there while others look on.

#1 What happens next?

By the end of the video, you must have realized that this was a social experiment. And the girls and the victimized man in the video were actors. But the dude who poured the drink over the girl's head, however, was 100 percent real. What a hero!

Watch and see for yourself!

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